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letters to my son~ San Antonio child photographer

Recently I joined a circle of amazing women who have two things in common with me for sure…. we are mothers and photographers.  We love our children with every ounce of us and we love to document their everyday with our camera lens.  Each month we will write letters to our sons and daughters in order to document their everyday in pictures and words.  Our hope is that these letters serve as an everlasting memory of their childhood.  

And here is the very first letter to my son, the only one…

My little guy, my everything…

I remember when you were 3 years old  you loved to collect itty bitty little things… rocks, beads, acorns, and anything green that you would find out on the playground would end up safe in your chubby little hands.  Doing laundry was always an adventure because I never knew what I would find in those pockets of yours. I don’t know what got me thinking about that recently.  Maybe it’s because doing laundry hasn’t been much fun lately…. (who am I kidding??? It never is).   Or maybe its because you are not so little anymore… your ninth birthday only a few months away… and I realize that you are growing up.

You are a BIG kid now.  Your days of reading picture books are replaced with chapter books full of adventure and humor that only boys understand.  Watching the Doodlebops on television or singing along with the Backyardigans is no longer a choice.  Instead, you spend your time playing video games, playing Minecraft on the computer, and watching kid shows on Disney.  Your conversations revolve around school, animals, friends, and your very best pal… your dog, Snowball.  You are old enough now to express in words your dreams, wishes, hurts, and experiences.  And as much as I hate to admit it, its been a long time since I have found anything in your pant pockets.

Not too long ago, we spent sometime at a park and I watched you collect acorns in a jar.  At first, the moment did not seem significant until the memories of you as a chubby little toddler came back.  As you spent time carefully searching for more and more acorns, I realized that even though you are a BIG kid … you still find the magic in those little things. And that is my hope for you, my little one.  That no matter where you are, and what you do, or who you are with, that you continue to find the joy and the magic in the smallest things.

love you,



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