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Photographing your everyday…underwater ~ San Antonio Underwater Photography

This summer I decided to learn something a bit different…something that I had never done before and never thought of trying.  But after taking some online classes… all of a sudden there was this immediate spark… immediate need to find a way to capture images under water.  And so I did. Luckily I had a GoPro on hand… and made my way to the water. And so after a couple of trials in a friend’s pool I’ve learned a few things about capturing your every day in the water.  If you want to capture these moments… the moments of your little ones splashing in the pool, diving in the deep, and flipping and doing handstands under water…. get yourself a camera and remember these tips (based on what I just learned in the last few days).

  1. I shot my first images with a GoPro Hero 4… and it did its job perfectly.  I recently upgraded to a GoPro Hero 7 because I wanted the ability to shoot RAW. But any GoPro will work…
  2. Shoot midday if you are just starting out… the more light in the pool the more clear your images will be.  So get that sunscreen ready for your kiddos and have some fun.
  3. photographing your everyday means capturing the moments as they happen… not posing.  And so give your kiddos something to do… and get ready to shoot.  Pool toys make great props… diving and flipping is always fun… and of course swimming from one end to the other gives you the most magical photos.  But no matter what, just capture the moment don’t try to force it.
  4. If you’re anything like me you struggle to stay under water for long periods of time… I just can’t seem to stay under water too long (I float!).  And so, set your GoPro to Burst mode, place the camera under water, and shoot.  This will allow you to capture every second without actually seeing what is happening.  Sometimes we have to shoot blind… and for me right now that’s ok.
  5. Lastly, just have fun.  Enjoy it… and print those images.  Those are wonderful memories worth capturing and keeping forever!

I promise to come back and share anything new that I learn…

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