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letters to my son (letter 3)~ San Antonio lifestyle photographer

Recently I joined a circle of amazing women who have two things in common with me for sure…. we are mothers and photographers.  We love our children with every ounce of us and we love to document their everyday with our camera lens.  Each month we will write letters to our sons and daughters in order to document their everyday in pictures and words.  Our hope is that these letters serve as an everlasting memory of their childhood.  

And here is letter number three…

Dear little guy,

When you were a baby, we had a dog named Penny…  she was there when we brought you home from the hospital.  When you learned to crawl, you found a way to get close enough to her so that you could pet her.  When you learned to walk, you would chase after Penny with excitement and wonder.  And all the while, Penny endured ear tugging and hair pulling.  As you grew, you realized that Penny was more than just a ball of fur, and instead you knew that Penny was part of our family.  You loved Penny so very much and Penny loved you.  When we lost Penny, it was difficult for you to understand.  You didn’t want her to go and you struggled with being at home without her.  Even today, you still tear up at the mention of her name.  The other day as we cleaned your room, you refused to get rid of one of her toys, an old torn up Eeyore that she always played with.  You chose instead to place it on your bed…. maybe this is your way of keeping Penny close by.

I thought about that the other day because I realize that you have this love of animals that I could never understand.  You are compassionate and loving toward any animal that crosses your path…especially dogs.  Since you were little, you loved puppies… it all started with Penny.  Whenever you saw a little dog crossing a street or going for a walk, you couldn’t help but express joy and excitement.  To you, every dog is cute.  You love dogs so much that everyone that knows you KNOWS that.

The other day as we cleaned up the yard, you found a little baby rabbit hidden by the fence.  Without hesitation you picked it up to give it comfort.  The baby rabbit did not run away, and instead allowed you to hold him in your tiny hands.  And while you did that, you questioned his health and wondered where his “mommy” was.  You feared that something would happen to it, and all you could think about was how hungry he must be.  You grabbed a white little stool from the garage and you sat by his side for a very long time.  And even after you went back inside, you remembered to check on him every few minutes.  When the baby rabbit was gone, you worried for this little creature but hoped that he found his “mommy” somewhere in our backyard.

This love that you have for animals is one that not every child has.  And I hope that it never disappears because I truly believe that it is what makes you the loving boy that you are each day!

Love always,



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