this is 15 ~ San Antonio, Texas lifestyle photographer

This is 15. My little guy celebrates his birthday today… and today I am reminded of how blessed I am that he calls me mom. Somehow my teeny tiny little boy grew up before my eyes and I am struggling just a bit.

He doesn’t like anything that has to do with the outdoors and prefers to spend his time in his room. He has never had an interest in sports… although I do remember a time when he was pretty good at being a soccer goalie. ┬áHe loves video games like so many teens out there and recently has expressed the possibility of one day pursuing a career in animation or video game design.

He is a gentle soul. His heart has always been sensitive to the emotions of others. He is giving and kind and worries too much sometimes about the things that affect those closest to him. He wants everyone to be happy and he hates to disappoint.

He is loved by many. He means the world to us. He is my everything. Happy birthday, Adri! Love you to the moon and back!

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