Every summer, typically at the end of July and early August, I open Be Merry Sessions for booking.  And by September all are booked.  This year since I was able to secure three different locations in three weekends, I was able to space out the sessions a bit more.  So in early October when this beautiful mama reached out to me to possibly schedule a photo session with her son, I found a way to squeeze her in.

The cold weather almost rescheduled us for a second time, but on this day the cold winds stayed away and the sun shined through.  We met here and the location was just perfect for these two.  They arrived in the most beautiful wardrobe and it fit the scene just perfectly.

That day I captured this little man with his mama… every smile and giggle captured… of this family of 2!

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Y’all know that I am constantly looking for new locations to shoot BE merry sessions…especially since many of my Be Merry clients are the same each year.  I was a guest at a wedding at a castle many, many years ago and its beauty was something I never forgot. Because I wanted my clients to experience it too, I was determined to find a way to shoot some of the sessions at the CASTLE.  So with a little help, I booked it!

And y’all, it was magical.  Not only are the grounds amazing to look at, but seeing the faces of every little girl and boy staring at the castle for the first time was something that I will never forget.  Hearing them tell stories about who or WHAT lived in the castle reminded me how imaginative kids can be.  The sessions at the castle were unforgettable for all of us.  I think I’ll be visiting the castle again.

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Years ago, when I was a baby teacher starting my first year as a 1st grade teacher, I met another fellow educator teaching right down the hall from me.  Her smile was contagious, her passion for teaching was inspiring, and her kind heart spoke directly to me.  We connected almost immediately and became friends instantly.  Years later, we remain friends.  No longer teaching together since our paths took us in different directions, but we still find ways to connect through the years.

And on this day, she chose me to photograph her beautiful family.  A family that grew from two to four… a family that she wished for ever since i met her.  The family that is her world and at the center of everything that she does.  And as I stood there, photographing her girls as they played, my thought was this:

I am incredibly lucky to have met her and call her my friend.  I am blessed to have her by my side and on my side.  I am grateful to have witnessed her wish of being a mom become a reality.  I am forever thankful for the “B” family.

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It’s that time of year again… the oh so very popular BE MERRY sessions (AKA fall sessions) will be held at three different locations this year.  I looked high and low for the most amazing backdrops for your family session and you will be amazed with what I have found.  Each location offers something a bit different… and some locations are only one away from booking completely.  All sessions take place in October during golden hour (1.5 hours before sunset).

Since current clients had first dibs on booking… most of the be merry slots have been filled.  So if you are ready to book…. CLICK HERE.

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