oh the places you will go ~ San Antonio Senior Photographer

So you all know that I normally don’t photograph teenagers… I am usually out in a field running after little ones with my camera in hand.  And you know that makes me extremely happy!!!!

But not too long ago I had the chance to meet this beautiful young lady who is just starting a new chapter in her life.   And although this session was unlike those I am use to, it was wonderful.  We talked about her dreams, her plans, and all the things she has done to prepare for what she is about to experience. And I will be honest when i say that for a moment, a split second, I went back to that time in my life when I too was starting that same path.  And I remember every feeling I had… happiness, excitement, and fear. And so… Miss “A” I know exactly how you feel right about now and I am rooting for you! I can’t wait to see all the places you will go!

senior-14 senior-16 senior-40 senior-24 senior-47

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