So I have said it more than once… you need to get in the picture!!!  I am talking to all the moms out there who often take the picture and forget to get in front of the camera.  Remember that your children want to look back at their childhood and see pictures of you… as you are in this very moment.

This mommy seems to have the same idea… she always finds the time to schedule a photo session for her family.  And this time I photographed just her and her beautiful little girls.  They gave each other hugs and kisses… they giggled and looked for pretty flowers.  And all of it was captured with my camera lens… memories that will never be forgotten.   And when her little girls are all grown up they will look back at these images and remember how it felt when their mommy held them tight.

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This young lady wanted something a bit different.  Instead of the traditional graduation pics she chose to remember her college graduation by photographing the women in her life that signify strength… the women who have inspired her to become the young woman she is today.

And so on this Sunday evening, we met at The Alamo… a place that has a personal connection for this family… and these beautiful women standing next to her (her mom, aunt and grandmother) took time to make her wish come true.

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A few years ago, I met this young lady’s mother and we instantly became great friends.  Our conversations over lunch always revolved around our children and so I heard all about Miss “N.” And what I learned is that this girl is amazing.  She has accomplished so much in so little time while overcoming obstacles that came her way. She is..

an amazing artist…

a book lover…

a talented musician…

a great big sister…

and an incredible daughter that would make any parent proud.

All I wanted for her at this session was to capture who she truly is….. and I am pretty sure I did just that!

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