This be merry session was even better than before… I think I say that every year.  But for real, this year the locations rocked, I met some incredible new people, and I reunited with clients I hadn’t seen in years.  It definitely was amazing this fall.

And this year, I had the chance to see the “E” family again… who by the way I had not seen since their youngest was not even 1.  And then to see these two little boys playing together… having conversations with me about their favorite things was just so incredibly fun to experience.  Have I mentioned that I love what I do?


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This year’s BE Merry Sessions have opened for booking… and these are taking place at two different locations on four different days.  One of the locations has the most beautiful open field and a homestead with a beautiful white porch.  The second location I am calling “the casita”… a Spanish Style location like no other I have ever used.

So …only a few slots left after my current clients snagged more than half of these last week… if you want to be part of the BE Merry crew this year and book your own BE MERRY SESSION (AKA fall sessions)… click here to book your session.   These won’t last long…

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Y’all know that i am the mother of an amazing boy… who by the way is a TEEN these days.  I still can’t believe that I  no longer have a little boy living at home but instead a young man that will be in high school in one year.  UNBELIEVABLE!

Photographing these two boys… two brothers so close in age made me WISH something. Sometimes I WISH that my son had a brother.  I think about all that he missed as a young boy without a brother and i worry about what it will be like for him as an adult without a sibling.  I am so grateful for my siblings… knowing that they will always be there no matter what.  And my little guy won’t have that.  Please tell me that I am not the only parent who feels this way!!!! Because although it is not something I think about often it does cross my mind.

And then I think about all the blessings he has had as an only child… and i think about the friends who have been like brothers to him all this time and my regrets disappear.  Although he doesn’t have someone he can call a brother, he has friends that are like brothers to him.  And my only wish is that they continue to be part of his life as he grows older…

And so these two boys, still too young to understand, I hope one day they know how blessed they are to have each other.  They will have a best friend for life and someone they can confide in.  Until then, they will enjoy pushing each other in wagons, wrestling with each other, and playing together…

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So I have to tell you that meeting the “G” family was in the cards and definitely not by accident. I have been photographing their nieces for years now so it wasn’t difficult for them to book a session with me.  Not only that but they literally live a couple of blocks away. So close that I was able to deliver their little package on foot.

But that’s not why I think we were destined to meet… here’s why…

On the day of this shoot it was a cloudy day for me… and I don’t mean a chance of rain.  I seriously was not having a good day so prepping for the session was a bit difficult for me.  But spending time with this little family immediately changed my mood.  Not only were they so kind to me but watching them interact with each other reminded me of all that I have in my life that I need to be grateful for.  And y’all at the end of the shoot, their little one ran to me and gave me the most amazing hug… no one asked him to… he just did it.  And right there, at that moment… I knew I was meant to be right there with them.  His act of love toward me… in the moment that I needed it the most… made my heart so happy!!!!

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one of the things that I ask my clients to do when they book a session is to complete an online questionnaire.  Not only does this help me get to know the family before we actually meet, but it also gives me an idea of what their vision is for the shoot.

And so this mommy right here asked for one thing… all she wanted was an image of her little family interacting with each other… a candid moment that includes some giggles and cuddles.  And by looking at these images I believe she got exactly what she asked for…don’t you agree???

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